Abbingdon Music Research at the Hi-Fi News Show 2006

This year saw the 24TH annual Heathrow HiFi Show organised under the auspices of the HiFi News Magazine, which itself celebrated being in print for the last 50 years. AMR chose this Show to introduce it's products to the general public, as well as to Dealers and the industry in general.

AMR's setup for the Show comprised of a rather simple system, the AM-77 Reference Class Dual-Mono Amplifier and the CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor and was completed by AMR's own cables and prototypes of AMR's upcoming LS-77 Reference Class Professional Monitor.

AMR's setup, simplicity packing a serious punch

Some acoustic treatment was used to limit the negative impact of the room acoustics and AMR's own M.E.S.T. Continuum Harmonisers were used to to harmonise the room and the AMR equipment. No other special treatment, mains conditioners, equalisers or the like were needed to produce what to many visitors was one of the best sounding rooms of the Show.

In addition AMR had an Amplifier and CD-Processor with the top panels replaced by acrylic for a static display, allowing the public a view of the quality of the internals of AMR's products.

Internal Investigations for AMR's equipment
AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor was used by Beauhorn Loudspeakers for their Show System at the London Sound & Vision Show 2006 taking place across the road at the Park Inn Hotel.

Apart from introducing its first production products to the public (to much attention and acclaim), AMR also unveiled its upcoming speaker the LS-77. A late prototype was on demonstration. The LS-77, pending minor revisions before production, will complete AMR's "System 77".

Beauhorn's Show system including AMR's CD-77

The LS-77 is a simple 2-Way system using exceedingly high quality drivers and innovative crossover circuits together with a non-resonant speaker enclosure to provide a bandwidth of around 28Hz-35KHz (+3/-6db, in room) from this exceptional Maxi Monitor.

The LS-77 Reference Class Professional Monitor surprised professional visitors and the general public alike with a sound that was without a trace of compression, haracterised by a generous dynamic range with excellent low frequency performance all from a small sized speaker.

We received many complimentary remarks about the performance of AMR's setup. Some comments that were posted about AMR's appearance on the web are listed below.

AMR were sounding good .... The LS77 speakers were on show for the first time and impressed with the amount of LF control and extension for such a small speaker. The room was making life difficult but I heard enough to know that the new kit is excellent and should shine under better conditions.

Posted by Robert on pinkfishmedia

Standout room for me and it's not often I get blown away and I've got a decent rig myself was the Abbingdon Music Research room with the CD77/AM77 and LS77 speakers. This is a complete system for about £12K and it was phenomenal. Huge soundstage and lifelike sized images with that presence factor you get with horns. I was amazed you could get all this for £12K.

Posted by Smart845 at

AMR's LS-77 Professional Monitor

The AMR system sounded so much like a live event that it felt almost as
if the music and musicians were in the same psychological space as me
, the listener. By comparison, other digital systems sound re-produced.

I simply can't get over the experience. I kept expecting to turn around and see the performers - and this was on the strength of the tonality and seemingly unfettered dynamics alone and not on account of crystalline imaging or gargantuan sound-staging, good as they were in a small hotel room. The sound was vital, fresh and joyous and wholly consuming.

Justin Benn - Readers Letter to

AMR's Hostesses's liked the AMR equipment

so much, they would loved to have taken it




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