Abbingdon Music Research at STEREO-epiloges Athens

The first of March saw an auspicious beginning of the month of March for AMR around the Mediterranean, as Rhapsody Audio Systems, AMR’s Distributor for Greece and Cyprus, introduced AMR’s products to the press and public.

This took the form of a presentation and open day at Stereoepiloges (Stereo Choice), one of Athens' most prestigious High End Audio (and AV) shops. On behalf of AMR, Thorsten Loesch, Director of Technology for AMR, attended and demonstrated AMR’s products.

The turnout for the presentation was fabulous. We were able to greet and entertain many notable personalities in the Greek high-end audio scene. Among them, Dimitris Stamatakos (, Vassilis Tsantoulis (, Maniatis Nassos (, Panagopoulos Takis (Hi-Fidelity magazine) and many others. We found Greece has a very lively HiFi and High End scene with several dedicated magazines and on-line forums/publications. It was also encouraging to note several ladies in the audience.

Informal comments on the performance of AMR's setup were very positive. Vassilis Tsantoulis remarked: "The result, as experienced through the system in presentation, has been one of the 4-5 best systems I have auditioned, under demo or exhibition conditions. Excellent midrange region, excellent prima and excellent stereo imaging. Very good bass, very good dynamics, very good attribution of both sentiment and the performing particularities of the recording."

Jimakos (nickname @ commented: "…. the result was exceptional with spearhead the performance in mid mid-high region. The voices very good with presence and lightly forward, while the big orchestras, which we auditioned in the beginning, were attributed with precision and sufficient volume.

According to many, the demonstration room downstairs at Stereoepiloges is considered somewhat difficult for 2-Channel HiFi demonstrations, as it is optimised for Home Cinema, so this was all the more gratifying. On-line coverage of the event may, aside from discussions in forums, be found at

the AVMENTOR site.


  • One AMR CD-77 Compact Disk Processor

  • IBM Thinkpad with Mediaportal Software via USB connection to CD-77

  • Amplification:

  • Two AMR AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifiers operated as Monoblock Integrated

  • Speakers:

  • One Pair AMR LS-77 Professional Monitors


  • AMR PC-77 Power Cables

  • AMR IC-77 Interconnect Cable XLR

  • AMR LC-77 Loudspeaker Cable Speakon (Biwired)

  • No visit to Athens would be complete without a tour of the Parthenon, which was awe inspiring, as were several other ancient sites in Athens. Being also a very modern city,
    its Tavernas and Bars are worth a visit too.

    AMR would like to thank Adonis and the whole crew at Stereoepiloges for their help and assistance, which went a long way to making the event a success. Rhapsody Audio for their hospitality and for arranging the event. Most of all, we would like to thank the many local Music Lovers who took time out out of their Saturdays to experience the AMR sound, Efharistoomay to you all.


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