Abbingdon Music Research at the High End Show Munich 2007 - Report

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) launched its CD-77, AM-77 and LS-77 in Germany with its distributor for Germany, Fast Audio, in Room D220 at the M.O.C. For those not so familiar, this Show is organised by the High-End Society (Germany's High End Manufacturer, Distributor and Retailer Association) and is widely considered the most important and largest audio show in the European audio calendar.

One very noticeable trend was the high frequency of the "High-End Show" Advertising in Munich, which used large and small posters on the underground, buses and railways in Munich as well as full-page advertisements in popular national newspapers and Radio / TV Advertising nationwide. It therefore comes as no surprise that the extremely professional organisation of this Show can only mean one thing - strong attendances. The demographic composition of public attendees reflected the success of the across-the-board advertising. While most were male 25-35 years of age, many came with their partners and children. There was even a creche for very young ones not quite old enough to own an ipod. With numerous indoor and outdoor venues for food and beverage, there were virtually no queues. Other European Show organisers watch and learn! The only 'fly in the ointment' was that the limited stairway access between floors which struggled to cope with the large number of visitors.

According to High End Society®: Thursday 17th May — being the 2nd year running that that this was a public as opposed to a trade day, compared to 2005, the number of visitors was up by a whopping 35%!

Friday 18th May to Sunday 20th May ‐ the three public days saw a healthy year on year rise in the number of visitors to 12,902 in 2007

While mostly confined to the Fast Audio Room in order to be on hand for Visitors' questions and demonstrations, we noted that a large number of live music performances were put on in the main atrium and also in other large spaces.

In the Fast Audio room the equipment presented was:

Acoustic System "Tango" Loudspeakers

Two DPS Turntables with Naim and

Immedia Arms and Lyra cartridges

Lyra Connoisseur Phono Stage

Lyra Connoisseur Line Stage

Karan Acoustics Power Amplifier

Acoustic System Resonators

Acoustic System Sound Rack

Fast Audio Diffusers and Absorbers

Fadel Art cabling

Loricraft Record Cleaner

And last but not least, AMR's CD-77, AM-77 and LS-77.
AMR was exceptionally pleased with the positive impact its products made at the Show; especially the attention the CD-77 compact disk processor garnered in this traditionally vinyl-based market which also has many legendary brands renowned for high-performance digital equipment. We were most pleased by the pronouncement in TNT-Audio's Show Report, rating AMR's Exhibit as "the best British sourced hi-end setup at the show", an accolade no doubt also due to excellent room treatment: Fast Audio Absorbers and Diffusers used in conjunction with Acoustic Systems' Resonators.
We were most impressed by the interest amongst German audiophiles in the Acoustic System Resonators. Virtually every demonstration by Thomas Fast was held to a packed audience that stayed riveted to the demonstration of the resonators using the "Elvis is Back" LP.

We said hello to old friends such as Frank Tchang of Acoustic Systems and Kuichi San of Harmonixs and appreciated meeting many of our Component Suppliers and Distributors from Europe and further afield. We were also taken by the warm welcome extended to ourselves as a new company in the high-end industry. In particular; Terry and Roger of Garrard/Loricraft were great company (lovely photo of your Alsatian!); Frank Schroeder of Schroeder Tonearms, Joachim Gerhard of Sonics and Stig + Stig from Scan Tech made us feel very welcome indeed.

On the whole, Munich is an exceptionally well-organised city: from the airport (even the food in the airport was a delight) to the restaurants (with one fabulous Japanese restaurant) and bars (a great Whisky was served in the Marriott bar). We look forward with great eagerness to exhibiting, eating and drinking again in 2008. The growing observation by us is that European Shows are expertly arranged and promoted; located in easy to reach locations with a resulting exceptional attendances by the Trade and Public alike.


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