Abbingdon Music Research at the Sands - The 2007 CES

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" seems to be the new official motto of Las Vegas. This was not at all applied to AMR's exhibit at this year's, the 40th Anniversary CES. Accepting an invitation from AMR's US distributor; Avatar Acoustics, AMR launched the AM-77 Dual Mono Pre- Main Amplifier, the CD-77 Compact Disk Processor and the LS-77 Maxi Monitor Loudspeakers in the Bassano Suite 2710 of the Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel & Sands Conference Center Complex
It was the first-time the CES was held at the Venetian Hotel after a decade at the Alexis Park complex. The temporary partition walls found in all of the larger suites, including 2710, caused a highly annoying, large and inevitable sound leakage between one room and another. Yet thankfully, one of the other brands Avatar Acoustics' distributes, Acoustic Systems demonstrated its exceptional resonators in order to control and at least moderate the many issues associated with room acoustics in these very high rooms with their extremely leaky (in the acoustic sense) walls.

Coincidentally and humorously, this change of venue again (just as in the days in the Sahara) united the High End Audio CES Venue with that of Adult Entertainment Expo. This resulted in an unusual large number of extremely eye-catching members of the opposite sex parading around the corridors of the Venetian Hotel, which were to be seen and noted when one was making the long trek from the large display suites in one corner of the Hotel via the restaurants and casino to the hotel room exhibits in the tower section, we refrained from taking snapshots though.

Two systems were operated alternately in the Avatar Acoustics suite. The main system comprised of AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor as source, Karan KA L Reference PreAmp, two Karan KA M 1200 Mono Block Amplifiers, Acoustic Systems Tango Loudspeakers and a veritable snakes' nest of Virtual Dynamics Cabling.

Acoustic Systems Resonator
The second system featured a setup comprising of AMR's CD-77 Reference Class Compact Disk Processor, AMR's AM-77 Reference Class Dual-Mono Pre-Main Amplifier and mostly AMR's prototype LS-77 Reference Class Professional Monitor Speakers, occasionally alternated with Acoustic Systems Tango Speakers. Cabling was mainly courtesy of Furutech (Mains, Interconnect and Speaker Cables with the Acoustic Systems Tango Speakers) and AMR Speaker Cables with the LS-77. This system also demonstrated very successfully the use of a Computer playing uncompressed, CD standard audio through the USB input of AMR's CD-77.
AMR was pleased to find the response from the US public and industry participants was no less enthusiastic than that received from the Heathrow and Veldhoven Hi-Fi Shows. Of particular interest to US audiophiles was the user-friendliness of the CD-77 and AM-77. Given the exponential growth of online music downloads, the USB input option of the CD-77 attracted strong interest and positive comments on the very high quality of playback through lossless compression.

AMR was also very pleased to attract great interest and attention from many of the print and on-line audio publications and their staff writers and editors. As of the writing of this report,,, and (home of "The Absolute Sound") have included the Avatar Acoustics Exhibit and AMR gear in their show coverage, Soundstage awarding AMR's CD-77 a "Showstopper"!

Brent Rainwater posted these impressions in a show report
on the discussion board "
Avatar Acoustics has a large ballroom suite downstairs and was showing Frank Changs new speaker line as well as the AMR {Abbingdon Music Research } player and Amplifier .Both of which are well designed and very flexible. ......... The Top of the line Karan amps drove Franks speakers. The sound was natural and very non hi fi sounding."

Another highlight of the Show for AMR's staff was attending the George Benson & Al Jarreau Concert held at the CES (tickets were provided courtesy of, thank you to Clement & Key). George Benson was simply fantastic and Al Jarreau was fabulous; it would seem he is not only as a talented singer, but also as a comedian as we found he has a wry sense of humour! It is certainly very refreshing to hear live music when one is listening to audio playback non-stop for several days in a row.

Here are some of the people who made the CES a success for AMR and some of the other faces and people we happened to snap on occasion.

Steve Rochlin (

Franck Tchang (Acoustic Systems)

Robert Harley (The Absolute Sound)

Our gracious Hosts Bonnie & Darren Censullo (Avatar Acoustics)
For AMR, the CES was a resounding success not only in terms of gathering more feedback from the industry and the general public as a whole, but also in terms of making more industry contacts which bodes well for future projects . AMR certainly has plans to return in 2008. AMR would like to thank Avatar Acoustics for their kind invitation and also Mr Franck Tchang of Acoustic Systems for his thoughts on audio designs and for his numerous introductions to industry peers.

AMR will exhibit at the High-End Show in Munich (17th-20th May 2007). We look forward to seeing you there!


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