AM-77 Reference Class Dual-Mono Amplifier
Solid-state amplification has taken the listener to ever more power and ever higher specification levels. This has led to many a solid-state amplifier
sounding increasingly unnatural and bleached.

The AM-77 Dual Mono Amplifier seeks to redress this: through a fusion of valve and solid-state, it is the only high-powered amplifier in the world that:

"Sounds like an exceptional Single-Ended Triode(SET) valve amplifier."

With a pure 180W per channel, the AM-77 uncannily boasts pure power with the ability to drive even the most difficult of loudspeakers with speed, rhythm and most important of all, life; each voice, instrument and performance sounding just like the real thing.

At the heart is a no compromise combination of zero negative feedback, pure Class A valve stages in the pre-amplification section coupled in the
power amplification section, with bipolar output devices in AMR’s proprietary “Class X: Jikoda” circuit.

The AM-77 is one of the very few amplifiers able to move the listener with a stirring and touching musical performance reminiscent of an exceptional SET valve amplifier does.


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