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Doctor John reviews the AMR DP-777 DAC!

"my friend Tony told me he just bought a second-hand unit of AMR DP-777 for a friend and I could have it for a month. Needless to say, I seized the opportunity as it is a Non-Oversampling (NOS) DAC with a Twist.....I used the coaxial input and only the default BitPerfect II. Sound was exemplary. Ambience Clues This has always been a main concern for me.....Every track in the Channel CD sampler (some recorded in a church and some not) was rendered perfectly.....the DP-777 is very detailed, yet not highlighting artificially.....In many ways the AMR is the DAC for me. With CD's, it plumbs great depth with complex music, and there is not a weak link. Most desirable."

Thanks Doctor John!

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AMR DP-777: In a Nutshell "The AMR is the best DAC I have ever heard personally..."

"The AMR manages to sound very relaxing, enveloping, it captures the listener with its strong musicality, and keeps detailed subdued, never calling attention....The details, presence, sense of space all get wider and much better. In fact, the sound signature changes and one cannot talk about it being so mellow as before, but the sound is still addicting and extremely pleasant....This DAC is the best ‘analogue sounding’ kind of DAC I have had the pleasure of owning, and one could optimize the purchase by using its preamp and saving up on external amplification."

Thanks Tony of Soundbsessive!

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The DP-777 puts a spell on NewZealand's Witchdoctor

As Witchdoctor's Gary Pearce succinctly put it, "As clean as the sound quality was, it didn't lose sight of the performance. I'd describe it as an un-audiophile sounding pre/server combo that just delivers the sonic goods, allowing the listener to get on with the enjoyment of music."

We would like to formally thank Mr Pearce. It makes our day when a reviewer has ' gorged
myself on a swathe of classical, jazz, blues and pop/rock.' This is what AMR
units do best, bring the enjoyment in listening to music, in a big way.

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Einsnulls (1s and 0s) – Germany’s Premier digital magazine goes gaga over the DP-777
EinsNull 3/2012 Cover

Christian Rechenbach, the editor had the following to say of the DP-777, "No-one else has approached the topic of CD- and HiRez- music reproduction with so much consequence. The completely unique approaches to perfecting the signals and the resulting sound quality are remarkable."

Thank you for a glowing review of the DP-777.

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Stereophile reviews the DP-777 Digital Processor
Current Stereophile Cover

Art Dudley effused…”...from Day One, the AMR produced some of the least fatiguing, most involving, and altogether best-sounding digital playback I’ve had in my home.” Art also gushed…“The AMR was more than a pleasant distraction, more than just an escape from the humdrum,; it provided the very best digital I’ve heard.”

We wish to extend a big ‘Thank You’ from the staff and directors at AMR

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Stereoplay Germany reviews the DP-777 Digital Processor, awards "Stereoplay Highlight" and "Stereoplay Absolute Top Class" certificates
Stereoplay February 2012

Technically extravagant converter/preamp with extreme free, natural sound and repesentative looks. The dual DAC and multiple digital filters offer wise sound variations.

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In Asia, the AMR DP-777 has won 21HiFi's 'Top 10 Digital Products of 2011'

Pictured is Avant Garde Hong Kong CEO: Edward Chong (AMR: HK/China) receiving the award for the DP-777 from Mr Liu of 21HiFi, organisers of the recent Guangzhou AV Show.


Read the the 2011 Guangzhou AV Show Report

Guangzhou HiFi Show 2011, DP-777 Scoops Digital Product of 2011

Over 4-6 November 2011, AGHK (AMR: HK/China) exhibited in one of the large rooms at the Guangzhou High-End Show. The response to the sound of the AGHK Audio System was such that attendees said it was the best system they have ever heard in their life! It even made the local news that evening and a high-ranking senior government official came by to see what all the fuss was about…

Read the the 2011 Guangzhou AV Show Report


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