Alta-Fidelidad Show Report 2009

System Review - comprising of AMR CD-77, AMR AM-77, Acoustic Systems Tango Loudspeakers. Total system cost - EUR 73,31

This is a special high-end system with an authentic musical impact directed at the most passionate of audiophiles.

Musical Connection from Barcelona has taken this concept to the extreme by covering every detail in the configuration that we are about to evaluate. The musical dividends of this intense care are enormous.

The transport mechanism of the AMR CD-77 is built around an extremely rigid metal structure and suspension system that completely isolates it from the main chassis. It also uses NOS tubes in its output stage, Philips TDS1541A chip in the D/A converter, and the possibility to not use a digital filter, among other subtleties.

The AM77 is a remarkable hybrid integrated amplifier. It is a dual-mono design and shows an uncompromising stability with low-sensitivity speakers even those with difficult impedance curves. It has the same input section used in the CD77, with NOS tubes and bipolar transistors in the output section. Of particular interest is the “Class X” nomenclature that according to AMR, brings together the advantages of both Class A and A/B. The Virtual Battery Power Supply section consists of a double transformer type C-core matched to high capacitance capacitors and mains filtering, that is automatically adjusted to feed the optimum voltage to the valves.

The Acoustic System Tango Reference speakers were designed by the visionary Mr Franck Tchang and are the outcome of a rather original technical solution. Tweeters are in silk (optional in diamond) and the drivers are made of carbon fibre.

The Musical Connection's system shows melodic lines and micro dynamics with remarkable realism and ease. There is also a very stable tonal coherence. The faithful characterization of the instruments (free from being hyper-analytical) yields a fluent and balanced dose of softness in the overall music presentation.

Let me also stress the excellent neutrality and transparency of sound of both AMR units. The presentation is spontaneous, delicate and free from colorations. All this is crowned by Musical Connection choice of cables which are of exceptional quality.

The system in question shines with exceptional power and absolute control with which the Tango loudspeakers reproduce the lower range of the spectrum with ease. The purity of the lowest bass is found in the best speakers, and this was evident despite the small size of the room in which we auditioned the system. They were also exceptionally dynamic with all kinds of music.

Musical Connection has shown us an extraordinary degree of thoroughness and great knowledge regarding the choice of components – the result is a system that offers all the musical virtues which every high-end system should have.


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